QtheAgency | TEAM
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Linda Schuster

The leading lady. Over three decades in the business, with expertise in strategic planning, account management and media purchase & placement. As president, she leads Q’s development of client relationships, while managing strategy & planning for national, regional and local accounts.

VP/Design Director/Owner

Patty Marguet

The artsy, free spirit. Over 30 years of design experience with both national and international corporations, creating impactful advertising, branding and online communications. She sits on the board at New Roots and WCHQ/Crescent Hill Radio, where she co-hosts “The Local Life“.

Creative Director/Owner

Jim Miller

The grizzled veteran. Leads the creative concept development process and directs the work of Quantum’s writers, art directors, and production staff. As the recipient of numerous industry awards for creative excellence, he brings over 30 years of national advertising experience to Quantum.

Associate Creative Director

Josh Hampton

The sensitive, yet brutally handsome anti-hero (who also wrote this bio). IU grad with degrees in Film and Telecommunications. Published author and award-winning copywriter with nearly two decades in the advertising industry. As Jim Miller’s right hand man, guides team projects from concept to execution.

Director of Account Service

Stephanie Rickert

The prodigal daughter. Started at Q way back in 1996, returned in 2016 with 20 years of account management, strategic development, media planning, and business-to-business sales experience. Brings unique insight into what works and what doesn’t, having worked commission sales for close to a decade.

Digital Marketing Strategist

Zac Garrison

The comic relief. Our resident digital connoisseur, carefully crafts and implements web campaigns while always looking for new and innovative ways to improve results and reach objectives. With an eye for strategy and a love for data, strives to keep clients ahead of their competitors and in the head of their consumers.

Account Coordinator

Jeff Franklin

The quiet guy who gets things done. An expert at fostering close client relationships and bridging the gap between creative and account services. He serves as account coordinator for Fortune 500 hundred companies and start-ups alike, and always with the same commitment to detail and communication.

Graphic Designer

Alicia Phillips

The rising star. Brings a youthful point-of-view and an innate sense of what the client needs, and knows how to get it done. She applies her distinct design style and production expertise to projects for clients including Appalachian Regional Healthcare, Highland Cleaners, Blue Equity, and Volunteers of America.

Account Coordinator

Emily Gahafer

The fiery up-and-comer. A Bellarmine graduate who crosses all the T’s and dots the I’s, keeping projects on track and on budget. Assists the account team with her acute eye for detail and ear for language, creating compelling content while helping to strategize its implementation.